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A Matter of Degrees

Which practices and programs offer the best chance of helping community college students persist and earn a degree? This report, from the Center for Community College Student Engagement, offers insight for colleges, policymakers and others by identifying 13 high-impact educational strategies that provide emerging evidence of success, including course completion, retention, and graduation. More »

Effective practices

Men of Color: Ensuring Academic Success of Latino Males in Higher Education

This report from the Institute for Higher Education Policy highlights programs and practices that are raising degree attainment for Latino males. The brief also includes a detailed “blueprint” to help communities and institutions develop new programs, or augment existing ones, to get Latino males to and through college and into the workforce. More »


Beating the Odds: What it Means and Why it’s Important

This publication, from HCM Strategists, offers insight from leaders of 32 postsecondary institutions about what colleges must do to help students—particularly low-income, minority and adult students—stay in college and earn a degree. Each of the colleges and universities profiled is considered a national model for their approaches to boost college-completion rates. More »

Report | Developmental Ed

Unlocking the Gate: What We Know about Improving Developmental Education

Research shows that students who take remedial education courses are less likely to earn a college degree or credential. This report, from MDRC, presents examples of four different types of interventions for improving students’ progress through remedial education and into college-level courses. More »


The Condition of Education

For the first time, an e-book version of the Condition of Education 2011, from the National Center for Education Statistics, is available. This report summarizes various developments and trends in education using the latest available data. More »

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