Approach: Lumina will incorporate these catalytic approaches into the strategies which it will pursue to produce the three critical outcomes of Preparation, Success and Productivity.

Development of Effective Practice

Lumina has supported development of a wide range of effective practices related to its mission to increase college success among low-income students, first–generation college-going students, adult students and students of color. However, the Foundation’s commitment to achieving the big goal demands a new, more rigorous, outcomes-based approach to development of effective practices: an approach that, from the outset, asks difficult questions about scalability and sustainability.

Work by Lumina and others has already identified a number of effective practices supporting the big goal and outcomes contained in this plan that can now be scaled and sustained. In many cases, implementation of these practices will require immediate efforts to build public and political will for policy change. In other areas, the outcome we need is clear, but the practices that will achieve an outcome are less clear. In those cases, Lumina will support the exploratory work needed to clearly define effective practices that will improve outcomes in preparation, success and productivity at the scale necessary to achieve the big goal. Such work might include: research and development, convenings of experts and practitioners, proof-of-concept and demonstration projects, and network building.

The Foundation’s work to support effective practice is committed to developing scalable and sustainable practices that drive toward the big goal. Lumina’s work is also committed to building a culture of evidence that informs our strategic approach to public policy and public will building.

Development of Effective Practice

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