Op-ed | Jamie Merisotis

The Starbucks model for tuition reimbursement

Strategies like the one being launched by Starbucks acknowledge that demand for talent is rising rapidly across the nation. More »

Op Ed | Jamie Merisotis

Smart Growth: Creating Sustainable Cities Through Higher Education

In urban planning circles, smart growth refers to the infrastructure development strategies cities employ in hopes of creating more sustainable and successful communities. But, what about the other smart growth — the approach that involves investing in the development of More »

Kentucky, Ohio can do better graduating kids from college

Increasing equity and opportunity in Ohio and Kentucky will require new strategies in talent development and aligning postsecondary attainment with the labor market, Merisotis writes in today’s Cincinnati Enquirer. More »

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The Urgency of Now: Beyond Fisher

With separate and unequal degree pathways still a part of our higher education system, we must demand both equity and excellence to provide high quality learning opportunities to as many people as possible. Read Jamie Merisotis’ blog post in the Huffington Post, The Urgency of Now: Beyond Fisher »

Huffington Post Op-Ed | Jamie Merisotis

Lumina’s Adult Degree Completion Commitment

Lumina Foundation is proud to announce a significant new commitment to advancing adult degree attainment through a series of interconnected projects that aim to engage, motivate and help students who previously have gone to college to actually earn their degrees. More »

Blog | Jamie Merisotis and Joe Loughrey

Immigration reform and the great demand for talent

Lumina President Jamie Merisotis and Former Vice Chairman of the Board and President/COO of Cummins, Inc., Joe Loughrey suggest immigration reform presents a unique opportunity to satisfy America’s demand for skilled employees, in today’s The Hill’s Congress Blog »  

Blog | Jamie Merisotis

Tackling the Urgent National Challenge of College Affordability

Jamie Merisotis’ latest op-ed in the Huffington Post outlines criteria for system redesign centered on increasing college affordability and incentivizing completion to help close the Nation’s talent gap. More »

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