Roadmap to Enhanced Student Learning

Implementing the DOP and Tuning

December 9, 2014

For both the Degree Qualifications Profile (DQP) and Tuning, the primary reference point is the student, not the institution.

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Four-Year Myth

Restore the promise of graduating on time

November 25, 2014

Higher education institutions must provide clearer pathways to a college degree so students can graduate in four years and not accumulate additional debt, says a new report from Complete College America. The report also points to spikes in debt in years five and six and shows that the overwhelming majority of public four-year colleges graduate less than half of their students on time. More

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4.8 Million College Students are Raising Children

Fact Sheet IWPR #C424

November 12, 2014

Twenty-six percent of all undergraduate students, or 4.8 million students, are raising dependent children, says this report from the Institute for Women’s Policy Research. According to the study, women are disproportionately likely to be balancing college and parenthood, many without the support of a spouse or partner.

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Obama administration's ratings proposal

October 21, 2014

The Obama ratings system is intended to guide federal student aid to the institutions that provide the best value to students. This issue paper by Lumina Strategy Director Julie Peller examines issues of effectiveness of consumer information, public response, and potential measures of quality in the proposed rating system.

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Great Jobs, Great Lives

A study of more than 30,000 college graduates across the U.S.

October 8, 2014

The inaugural Gallup-Purdue Index (GPI) finds that to meet the talent demands of our nation we need a higher education system that is student- and learning-centered, producing students with good lives and good jobs. The GPI is a new and unique tool that will help institutions improve and accomplish these outcomes. The study also finds that students who were closely engaged with faculty or participated in an internship-type program were more likely to be engaged at work and have high well-being.

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Redefining Full-Time in College

Evidence on 15-Credit Strategies

October 1, 2014

A new report from the Community College Research Center argues that taking 12 credits per semester does not lead to timely degree completion and discusses how 15-credit strategies may address barriers to college completion.

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A New Era For Educational Assessment

October 1, 2014

This report from Jobs for the Future says the time is ripe for a shift in educational assessment whereby state and federal policymakers reconsider an over-reliance on standardized tests and instead embrace the use of multiple measures that, in combination, provide much deeper and more useful information about students’ readiness to succeed after high school.

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How Public Universities Can Promote Access and Success for All Students

October 1, 2014

While access to higher education is increasing overall, students of color and low-income students experience higher student loans and time-to-degree levels and lower degree attainment than their peers. This report from the Center for American Progress profiles three public universities that are successfully reversing this trend through need-based funding, successful student support programs, and institutional leadership.

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A Matter of Degrees - Practices to Pathways

High-Impact Practices for Community College Student Success

October 1, 2014

Students who participate in certain “high-impact practices” are much more likely to succeed academically and complete community college, says this report from the Center for Community College Student Engagement.

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The Past and the Promise

Today’s Competency Education Movement

October 1, 2014

A new paper from Jobs for the Future outlines the potential of competency-based education models to better prepare all students from all backgrounds for deeper learning and life after graduation.

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University Innovation Alliance Vision
University Innovation Alliance Vision
September 15, 2014

This short video shares the goals and vision behind the University Innovation Alliance.