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NCAN and Lumina to Host Workshop on Innovation at the 2012 Conference

In an effort to facilitate the creation of the next generation of student supports for college access and success, Lumina Foundation has partnered with the National College Access Network (NCAN) to sponsor an Innovation Primer Workshop as part of the More »


Lumina National Productivity Conference 2011

Lawmakers and higher education leaders from seventeen states came together in Indianapolis to learn how to identify and tell the stories about productivity work in higher education and share how states and institutions can replicate the promising aspects of productivity work. Higher education productivity teams from Arizona, California, Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, and West Virginia attended the conference.
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State Policy Series

Higher Education and Economic Recovery – Federal Briefing

As the economic benefits of higher education attainment become more widely recognized, the public, business leaders and higher education institutions are paying more attention to the impact that college completion can have on economic development. There is a growing consensus that new models are needed to expand knowledge and strategies to develop the human capital needed for today’s economy. More »


Navigating the New Normal

State innovations and strategic approaches can help students progress from enrollment to completion of certificates, credentials or undergraduate degrees. Lumina Foundation’s National Productivity Conference highlighted these ideas in this report.

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Lumina Foundation for Education celebrates 10 years of achievement; seeks to meet Big Goal in 15 years

Lumina Foundation for Education brought in national leaders in higher education from across the country on Thursday, Dec. 9 to hear New York Times economic columnist David Leonhardt discuss how higher education and training can lead the nation out of the Great Recession. More »

Workforce development

Making the Business Case for Business

Lumina Foundation sponsored a National Journal event held at the Newseum Broadcast Studio in Washington, D.C. where experts explored whether higher education is meeting workforce needs. More »

Lumina Foundation Convenes Higher Education Experts Around Applied Baccalaureate

Applied Baccalaureate Developments and Future Implications was the topic of a convening held Sept. 1-2 at Lumina Foundation. More »

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