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August 14, 2018
SkillsUSA Builds a Strong Foundation for the Workforce
Matt Parke, WorkingNation
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Just how big is the annual SkillsUSA National Leadership and Skills Conference (NLSC) and the SkillsUSA Championships? It’s big enough to be a self-sustaining town.

More than 18,000 attendees are working an event the size of 20 football fields. Students put their training to the test in events ranging from cosmetology and construction to broadcasting and information technology. The NLSC is the future of work on display and SkillsUSA students are fired up to be a part of it.

Building Student Satisfaction, Presidents Move In, Dine In, and Work Out
Tiffany Pennamon, Diverse Issues in Higher Education
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College presidents around the country are gearing up to welcome their students to campus in innovative ways this fall. For many institutional leaders, opportunities to engage with students have become a priority to improve customer service for students and their families.

For instance, Morehouse College President Dr. David A. Thomas moved into Graves Hall for two days last week as a way to get to know the incoming men of Morehouse and to hear about their concerns. Elsewhere, David Wilson, president of Morgan State University, plans to help students move into their dormitories. He also eats in the dining hall two to three times a week, asking students what's on their mind or how leaders can improve the school. 
Vocational Training Is Back as Firms Pair With High Schools to Groom Workers
Michelle Hackman, The Wall Street Journal
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As companies struggle to find enough recruits coming out of college to fill available jobs, many are turning to high schools—where students can be discovered early, and the training is free.

Such direct ties between big companies and local high schools are multiplying. Volkswagen is helping schools in Tennessee modernize their engineering programs; Tesla is partnering with Nevada schools on an advanced manufacturing curriculum; and fisheries in Louisiana have created courses for students to train for jobs in “sustainability.”
Libraries Are Often Missing From ‘Student Success’ Initiatives. Researchers Are Asking How to Change That.
Sydney Johnson, EdSurge
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Libraries offer a refuge where students study, find books, or take the occasional nap. But could these places soon provide additional services beyond homework help?

A new report explores whether libraries can play a more proactive role in helping community college students succeed. Researchers started by first asking 37 students from seven community colleges what challenges they face, which will inform the next phase of the project: devising ways to test whether libraries can assist with barriers around finances, childcare, transportation, and other challenges.

For-Profits Keep Access to Billions in Aid
Andrew Kreighbaum, Inside Higher Ed
Blog: The Simple Stick
Matt Reed, Confessions of a Community College Dean
Colleges of Education: A National Portrait
American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education 
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