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June 19, 2020
Upholding DACA (Even on Procedural Grounds) Is Good News for America. It’s Not Just Good for ‘Dreamers’ Whose Lives Are on Hold
Jamie Merisotis, Medium
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A narrowly divided U.S. Supreme Court ruled on Thursday to keep the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program alive—for now.

For a country locked in overlapping health, economic, and racial crises, the Supreme Court’s decision couldn’t come at a better time—it affects all three.

Photo: Michael Morgenstern
A Fall Enrollment Disaster? Early Signs Say, Not Everywhere
Eric Kelderman, The Chronicle of Higher Education
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The threat of the coronavirus and uncertainty about how campuses will operate in the fall had threatened to drive prospective college students to reconsider their options for the coming semester, at least.

But for some colleges, a later deposit deadline and strong retention have helped make the headcount look more promising than it did earlier in the spring.

Could the Online, For-Profit College Industry Be 'a Winner in This Crisis'?
Sarah Butrymowicz and Meredith Kolodner, The Hechinger Report/The New York Times
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With increased spending on marketing and discounts, some for-profit colleges are ramping up efforts to promote their online courses to people hampered by the coronavirus. That includes many workers now without jobs and college students whose campuses are closed. 

But some students are wary, claiming their experiences with online for-profit colleges put them deep in debt and without a degree.

Staying Connected in the Remote Environment
The EvoLLLution
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In the world of COVID-19, colleges and universities must find new ways to create a welcoming and connected environment for current and potential students.

In this interview, Kasey Urquidez of the University of Arizona discusses the innovations her institution is using to stay connected, how it plans to get new students onboard, and the updated processes needed to weather a recession.

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