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June 25, 2019
Jamie Merisotis
Sanders vs. Warren on College Debt Relief
Nick Hazelrigg, Inside Higher Ed
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Senator Bernie Sanders, a contender for the 2020 Democratic nomination, on Monday released his plan to address growing student debt: universal cancellation of all debt regardless of circumstance.

The Vermont Independent's announcement comes as debt cancellation is growing in popularity among Democrats.

Jamie Merisotis
With Skills Mapping, Colleges Create a 'Universal Language' to Explain Value
Wayne D'Orio, Education Dive
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When Allison Cleveland-Roberts set out to make sure graduates at the University of South Florida were adequately prepared for today's job market, she turned to an old resource, with a twist: help-wanted ads. 

Using data aggregated from actual job listings, Cleveland-Roberts was able to present faculty in the 22 mostly liberal arts-based departments with a list of the skills graduates needed to thrive in a variety of jobs.

The exercise is a stark example of a trend on more campuses today: overlaying a skills map—which details the knowledge or abilities an individual needs to successfully handle a job—on top of the requirements for a traditional college degree. The effort not only ensures the curriculum prepares students for the workplace, but it also sends a signal to employers that graduates can handle various jobs.

Jamie Merisotis
Australia’s Higher Education System
Nat Malkus, American Enterprise Institute
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American observers are often envious of Australia’s higher education system, which provides students with deferred tuition and generous loan repayment terms. But like America, Australian colleges face large trade-offs between access, affordability, and quality.

In this interview, Jason Delisle of the American Enterprise Institute talks with journalist Julie Hare to compare Australia’s college programs to America’s.

Jamie Merisotis
Group Aims to Create Interest-Free Student Loan Fund for Wisconsin College Students
Logan Wroge, WiscNews
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A prominent Madison-area activist and entrepreneur is putting his sights on a new venture: providing college students with interest-free loans.

Masood Akhtar is in the beginning stages of setting up Empowering Students for Success, a nonprofit aimed at providing interest-free loans to Wisconsin college students from low- or medium-income families. More than financing, the concept involves a “package” of support in which students receive mentoring, repayment options based on income after graduation, and the chance to have their loans forgiven. 

Four-Year Degrees Still Matter in Augusta
Sarah LeBlanc, The Augusta Chronicle
Commentary: Bologna at 20: Recognition Still on the Agenda
Stig Arne Skjerven, Einar Meier, and Helge Schwitters, University World News
Building Relationships With Students Via Blockchain
Dian Schaffhauser, Campus Technology
Trump Administration Proposes New Type of Apprenticeship
Eric Morath, The Wall Street Journal
Waiting for Work Authorization
Elizabeth Redden, Inside Higher Ed
SAT-Only Admission: How Would It Change College Campuses?
Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce
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