The Story of Lumina's Work

Moving the nation toward a learning system for today’s student

This visualization highlights the strategies and tactics Lumina relies on to build a fair and just education and training system for today’s student that also meets society’s needs.

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A ‘closing argument’ for the national goal of 60% of adults having more than a high school diploma by 2025

Since its launch 20 years ago, Lumina has focused on student access and success in the field of learning that takes place after high school. Today, that focus is more important than ever as society’s need for talent—and the drive to expand the proportion of Americans with quality education and training to meet this need—has grown more urgent. Read more »

Adult learner Manny Cortez walking on the Goshen College campus with his 19-year-old daughter Kelly.

We must reach the nation’s 60 percent goal.

The individual and societal benefits of a better-educated country must become a reality. By 2025, more people than ever must earn college degrees and certificates, industry-recognized certifications, and other credentials of value to prepare themselves for informed citizenship and success in a global economy.

To accomplish this, we will support and expand evidence-based practices that can meet the nation’s pressing needs. We will push hardest on equity-first strategies, those that are most likely to produce fairer results for people who are Black, Hispanic, and Native American. We will adjust—or phase-out—efforts that are not aimed squarely at accelerating learning gains within the next several years. And we will develop capacity to meet the education and training needs of individuals and society into and beyond 2025.