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Tuition Reimbursement
Study shows the benefits of Walmart education effort

Retail giant’s ‘Live Better U’ program is proving its value

Sept. 14, 2021
This study shows how Walmart's Live Better U employee education initiative improves outcomes for associates and for Walmart. The report focuses on measurable impact for participating associates and includes disaggregated outcomes by race and ethnicity, showing how Walmart’s employees of color use and benefit from the program alongside white colleagues. This analysis focuses specifically on…
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Cover of Lumina State Policy Agenda 2021 - 25 depicts two women on the cover in a larger discussion
State Policy
Lumina’s State Policy Agenda

A collection of evidence-based policies to increase educational attainment

Aug. 31, 2021
Lumina’s state policy agenda recommends ways in which states can identify, attract, and spend resources so that many more Americans can earn post-high school credentials with workplace value. The Agenda seeks to build a fairer, more racially just postsecondary system and is Lumina’s response to state leaders who ask how they can reach their state…
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Racial Justice and Equity
How HBCUs Can Accelerate Black Economic Mobility

The impact of HBCUs

July 28, 2021
Historically Black colleges and universities are uniquely positioned to inspire and support Black Americans in the five critical roles they play in the US economy.
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Human Work and Learning
Improving Career Education Pathways Into California’s Workforce

Recent Investments Target Community College Training for In-Demand Jobs

July 28, 2021
The current economic crisis hit Californians with less education hard and brought greater attention to the role public workforce training can play in an equitable recovery. A new report from the Public Policy Institute of California examines the supports and resources that can help more students access and complete career education programs.
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Federal Policy
What Can We Learn About College and University Finances

Exploring New Data in the Education Data Portal

July 27, 2021
Using data to understand revenue and expenditure patterns in higher education is crucial toward building knowledge of higher education policy. This brief from the Urban Institute highlights data from the Office of Federal Student Aid on institutions’ 90/10 ratios, financial responsibility composite scores, graduate and undergraduate loans, and campus-based awards.
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Human Work and Learning
Realizing the Potential for Rapid Reskilling

Practitioner-Informed Policy Considerations and Commitments for Short-Term Credentialing Programs

July 26, 2021
Short-term postsecondary credentialing programs represent an effective way for workers and learners of all backgrounds to build the skills they need to enter rewarding careers and achieve financial security in today’s rapidly changing economy. But it can be difficult to assess the quality of these programs. This report from Jobs for the Future examines the…
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Adult Learners
The Transfer Reset

Rethinking Equitable Policy for Today’s Learners

July 23, 2021
Countless students would agree: The transfer process does not work. Despite sustained efforts to “fix” transfer over the past several decades, the current system continues to produce dismal, inequitable outcomes and unnecessary roadblocks that thwart students’ educational goals. A new report from HCM Strategists, Sova and the Aspen Institute’s College Excellence Program examines efforts to…
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Human Work and Learning
Staying the Course

Lessons From the Central Ohio Partnership for College and Career Readiness Expansion

July 21, 2021
For over a year, stories of economic devastation, food and housing insecurity, and the challenges of remote learning have dominated headlines as the COVID-19 pandemic ushered in dramatic changes for education, businesses, and communities. In the Columbus, Ohio region, the pandemic widened existing inequalities. This report from Jobs for the Future describes how the Central…
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Research and Evaluation
How States and Institutions Can Work Together to Serve Adult Learners

Lessons From Adult Promise

July 20, 2021
This brief examines the various components of institutional readiness to serve adult learners, highlights the ways that state and institutional actors can work together to support such readiness, and describes institutions’ perceptions of the state role.
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Human Work and Learning
The Big Blur

An Argument for Erasing the Boundaries Between High School, College, and Careers—and Creating One New System That Works for Everyone

July 19, 2021
A new paper from Jobs for the Future argues for a radical restructuring of education for grades 11–14. Specifically, it calls for an entirely new type of institution—neither high school nor college—designed to better meet the needs of young people after 10th grade and help prepare them to succeed in the world of work.
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