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Student Supports
Working Together to Address the COVID-19 Crisis

The Pandemic Unveils Harsh Realities

July 29, 2020
As the economic and social effects of the COVID-19 pandemic reverberate across the nation into our homes, federal lawmakers are providing financial relief to help restart the economy as states scramble to create jobs and deploy resources to guard against further job losses and budget cuts. Lumina Foundation believes recovery begins with serving today’s students…
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Research and Evaluation
Recognition of Prior Learning in the 21st Century

An Examination of Prior Learning Assessment Policy and Practice as Experienced by Academic Records Professionals and Students

July 14, 2020
This brief is one part of a broad landscape analysis focused on policy and practice issues related to the recognition of prior learning and is published by the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education, with funding from Lumina Foundation and Strada Education Network.
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Stronger Nation 2-pager cover for July 2020 update
A Stronger Nation – Key Insights

Twelve takeaways from the July 2020 data update

July 1, 2020
Read an overview of 12 takeaways of the latest Stronger Nation update. July 2020.
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What Are Short-Term Credentials?

A vital measure of post–high school educational attainment in the United States

July 1, 2020
Short-term credentials, including college-level certificates and industry-recognized certifications, generally take less time and money to earn than degrees.
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Research and Evaluation
A COVID-19 Supplement

With New Data Submitted in April and May 2020

June 30, 2020
In spring 2020 most students maintained the same enrollment intensity from the start to the end of term, regardless of demographic characteristics or institution types. In 2018 and 2019, only 13 percent of students changed their enrollment status during the term. In 2020, this percent dropped slightly, to 12 percent.
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College Affordability
Disparate Debts

How Student Loans Drive Racial Inequality Across Cities

June 29, 2020
The report finds student borrower distress is heavily concentrated in majority-Black and majority-Latinx neighborhoods, and offers stark new evidence of the role of student debt in exacerbating the nation’s vicious cycle of inequality and racial wealth gap.
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Student Supports
#Real College During the Pandemic

New Evidence on Basic Needs Insecurity and Students’ Well-Being

June 26, 2020
The data come from an electronic survey completed by 38,602 students attending 54 colleges and universities in 26 states, including 39 two-year colleges and 15 four-year colleges and universities. While the survey response rate was 6.7%, it nevertheless represents an uncommonly large multiinstitutional student sample; perhaps the largest thus far during the pandemic.
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State Policy
A Generational Challenge

State Postsecondary Education Policies to Support Economic Recovery and Individual Opportunity

June 25, 2020
A new report from the University of Pennsylvania's Graduate School of Education calls on the nation’s governors to chart a long-range strategy that stimulates the economy, avoids the boom-and-bust cycle of funding colleges, and avoids mistakes that have left many students behind.
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Student Supports
Student Experiences During the Pandemic Pivot

Recommendations from Ithaka S+R

June 25, 2020
Some of the key challenges that college students faced this spring due to the pandemic were often those they faced long before the pandemic, says a report from Ithaka S+R. This includes balancing school, work, and home responsibilities. The survey findings represent the experiences and needs of more than 15,000 students.
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Talent, Innovation, and Equity
What Really Works in Student Success?

A Vision for Developing a Student-Focused Culture

June 24, 2020
Community college students invest considerable time and money into attending college, but too few of them complete their programs of study. This paper from the Community College Research Center discusses how the development of an overall framing vision for student success, the implementation of evidence-based practices, and the establishment of a culture that is conducive…
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