Inside Out: Community Colleges Far and Wide

This video series features colleges that couldn’t be more different yet are completely aligned in their missions and commitments to delivering aspirational student experiences. We are introducing these colleges to new audiences by showing what it means to be a student, employee, or business partner. We hope these spotlight videos inspire you to think about your college’s story—from people to passion to purpose.

Million Dollar Challenge Finalists

In 2022, hundreds of colleges applied for The Million Dollar Community College Challenge. As part of the challenge, we asked colleges to tell us how they would transform their brand-building and marketing efforts to be more inclusive of today’s students. Ten finalists submitted videos expressing their brand promise and encouraging adult student students to enroll in their college. See their videos below.

College of Eastern Idaho

Idaho Falls, Idaho || College of Eastern Idaho is engineered so that working people with real-life responsibilities achieve their chosen degrees and/or high-quality credentials.

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Community College of Rhode Island

Rhode Island || Community College of Rhode Island–a community designed with your community’s success in mind.

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County College of Morris

Randolph, New Jersey || County College of Morris uniquely promises that adult audiences can transform their lives by getting the credentials or degrees, gaining the confidence and motivation needed to get a job, get a better job, or get better at the job they are in, and we provide the help and assistance needed to get there.

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Great Falls College Montana State University

Great Falls, Montana || Great Falls College builds its students’ confidence to help them move from a J-O-B into a career path.

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Houston Community College

Houston, Texas || HCC Online goes to great lengths to remove any roadblocks that may keep you from realizing your potential. HCC doesn’t just put classes online; we provide the support to help you through your studies.

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Long Beach City College

Long Beach, California || LBCC is here (in my neighborhood!) to assist me with enrollment to job placement or university transfer.

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Madera Community College

Madera, California || You have the opportunity to change the future of your family for generations to come.

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Madison Area Technical College

Madison, Wisconsin || We know you have fears, but we believe in you and the vision you have for yourself, and we’ll meet you one-on-one to ensure your success.

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Minnesota State College Southeast

Winona, Minnesota || Southeast provides an environment that makes students feel safe, secure, and supported. We want you here and will help you every step of the way.

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Northwest-Shoals Community College

Muscle Shoals, Alabama || Northwest-Shoals Community College will welcome Adult Learners and provide them with the programmatic services that values their experience and provides a pathway to a family-sustaining wage.

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Student-Centered Website Workshops

Your website is critical in prospective students' decision-making process. Whether communicating what the college has to offer, helping students locate and access critical information, or building excitement around enrollment, many colleges struggle with creating websites that are truly student-centered. These workshops are for community colleges who want to understand better how to improve the content and design to strategic goals.

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Understanding the Community College Marketing Context

When Lumina Foundation launched its Million Dollar Community College Challenge (the Challenge), it received hundreds of responses from community colleges across the country, which generated more than 1,000 pages of data. Analysis of the applications provided new insights into how community colleges market to adult students and highlighted new opportunities for reaching and serving this target population.

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