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Today’s Students Tomorrow’s Talent

Lumina Foundation presents conversations with newsmakers and thought leaders in the field of education and training after high school. Hear from people working to attract, retain, and cultivate the talent America needs for the 21st century.

Supporting Veterans and the GI Bill: A conversation with the Cyrus family, Dr. Eddie R. Cole, and Carrie Wofford

Nov. 11, 2020

The GI Bill provides education, housing, and other supports to veterans, but not everyone benefits equally.  On this Veterans Day show, we talk with veterans, historians, and advocates focused on improving education opportunities for those who have served. Hear from Joe and Joey Cyrus, a father and son duo that served in the U.S. military and used their benefits to earn higher education while balancing work, raising a family, and separating from the armed forces.  Dr. Eddie R. Cole, associate professor at UCLA and author of THE CAMPUS COLOR LINE discusses the historic exclusion of Black veterans from GI Bill benefits.  Carrie Wofford, president of Veterans Education Success, also joins us to talk about modern issues faced by veterans, and the role federal policymakers can play in improving education outcomes.


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Episode 22

Responding Today, Preparing for Tomorrow – Harrison Keller, Cathy Longstreet, & Juan Salgado

May 8, 2020

To understand the impact of COVID-19 on communities across the nation, we talk with three guests responsible for responding to student needs and preparing for recovery. Guests include: Cathy Longstreet, a high school counselor from Hastings, Mich.; Chancellor Juan Salgado who leads the City Colleges of Chicago; and Dr. Harrison Keller, the Commissioner for Higher Education in Texas.  READ MORE

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Episode 20

Going back to college after 30 years

March 2, 2020

Thirty-six million adults have some college credit but have yet to earn a degree. The first step colleges and policymakers need to take to re-engage these adults is to listen to those who have traveled through the system.  READ MORE

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Episode 19

Six Predictions for Higher Ed in 2020 w/ Jesse O’Connell

Jan. 31, 2020

College affordability, education for justice-impacted populations, the continued growth of mega-universities and the closure of small institutions are some of the issues likely to dominate education policy and generate headlines in 2020. Jesse O’Connell, strategy director for federal policy at Lumina Foundation, shares his six higher ed predictions for 2020.  READ MORE

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