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Today’s Students Tomorrow’s Talent

Lumina Foundation presents conversations with newsmakers and thought leaders in the field of education and training after high school. Hear from people working to attract, retain, and cultivate the talent America needs for the 21st century.

The current state of campus policing

Oct. 19, 2021

Marking our 30-episode anniversary, we visit the issue of campus safety and policing. Last year, the murder of George Floyd forced communities, campuses included, to examine how policing helps and harms the communities it intends to serve. We speak with Charles H. F. Davis, III, Nadine Jones, Wisdom Cole, Marlon Lynch, and Jael Kerandi to learn about how communities are working together to address campus safety. Lumina Strategy Officer, Katherine Wheatle, joins as co-host.

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Episode 29

Supporting parenting students

Sept. 14, 2021

Nearly 1 in 4 college students today have children or care for dependents. Colleges and universities are often not set up to support parenting students. Nicole Lynn Lewis of Generation Hope, and Buffy Tanner and Janet Hubbard of Shasta College join us to talk about what is being done to support parenting students.   READ MORE

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Episode 28

The state of short-term credentials

Aug. 10, 2021

Short-term credential programs are rapidly expanding. Concerns about equity and quality need to be addressed while more federal and state funding accelerates this expansion. Join my guests Kermit Kaleba, Senator Tim Kaine, Jesse O’Connell, Randy Stamper, and Dr. Monique Ositelu to learn more.  READ MORE

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Episode 27

Changing the narrative on borrowers of color

July 20, 2021

Stark differences by race and ethnicity in student borrowing trends are well known, but real progress depends on setting up a different conversation. Dr. Amanda Tachine and Amanda Martinez offer insights on how we can better understand the experiences of Native and Latino student loan borrowers. Co-host Dr. Katherine Wheatle dives deep into truths v. tropes of borrowers of color. Learn more by visiting here.   READ MORE

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Episode 26

Innovation: Using what we have
to make what we need

June 15, 2021

The definitions provided by my three guests on the 26th episode of the Lumina Foundation podcast “Today’s Students/Tomorrow’s Talent” are all over the map and extend well beyond technology. And that appears to be a good thing, because we’re talking about innovations in areas as wide-ranging as HyFlex courses, allocating classroom space, and making college affordable.  READ MORE

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