Today’s Students, Tomorrow’s Talent Podcast

Today’s Students Tomorrow’s Talent

Lumina Foundation presents conversations with newsmakers and thought leaders in the field of education and training after high school. Hear from people working to attract, retain, and cultivate the talent America needs for the 21st century.

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Episode 42

A Stronger Nation, Year After Year

April 9, 2024
Recently released data on Lumina’s Stronger Nation tool shows that the national education attainment rate has reached 54.3 percent. The country has increased in education attainment by 16 percentage points since 2008. Courtney Brown and Chris Mullin of Lumina Foundation share the stories, insights, and considerations under these banner numbers.  READ MORE
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Season 5, Episode 6

Is College Worth It?

March 5, 2024
Jamie Merisotis and Tony Carnevale share insights on American views on higher education, including: What is the enduring value of an undergraduate degree? What majors (if any) bring a career dividend despite the rising cost of obtaining it? And does “the duality of a good job and a good life” still matter? (Yes.)  READ MORE
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Episode 41

The demand for career pathways

Aug. 23, 2023
There is a staffing crisis in healthcare - a crisis that is so bad, that some are calling it a national emergency. To meet today’s and tomorrow’s labor demand, leaders need to provide clear and supported career pathways to adults already in the workforce. In this episode, Dr. Jill Buban of EdAssist joins us to talk about their work developing new career pathways, and describes what it takes to make a talent-focused partnership work. Dory Manner of Yale New Haven Health and Gerard Camacho of Atrium Advocate Health discuss the important steps healthcare employers need to take to attract, develop, and retain talent in critical areas.   READ MORE
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Episode 99 of the Getting Smart Podcast

Jamie Merisotis on preparing the workforce for a green and new economy

July 26, 2023
On this episode of the Getting Smart Podcast, Tom Vander Ark is joined by repeat guest Jamie Merisotis, CEO of Lumina Foundation, a foundation committed to making opportunities for learning beyond high school available to all. We spoke with Jamie in 2020 right after the publication of Human Work in the Age of Smart Machines.  READ MORE
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Episode 40

Addressing Mental Health on College Campuses

March 29, 2023
A new report from NASPA and Uwill sheds light on the growing need and urgency to provide mental health services on college campuses.  In this episode, we discuss the findings from this national survey, discuss a state-wide initiative in Texas to improve mental health and wellbeing, and hear from two campus-based practitioners.    READ MORE