Grants Database
Research for Action
GRANT #1911-1111082
AMOUNT $250,000.00
LOCATION Philadelphia, Pa.
DATE RANGE 12/01/2020 through 12/01/2020
To conduct an evaluation on Lumina's TIE states.
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The RP Group
GRANT #2008-1112345
AMOUNT $289,200.00
LOCATION San Rafael, Calif.
DATE RANGE 11/10/2020 through 11/10/2020
To conduct research to understand inequalities among SCND Black students in obtaining a first credential
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Center for Law and Social Policy
GRANT #2009-1112457
AMOUNT $200,000.00
LOCATION Washington, D.C.
DATE RANGE 11/02/2020 through 11/02/2020
To lead an effort centering young people to develop and raise up bold ideas themselves for advancing equity, economic opportunity, and mobility for youth and young adults.
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Council on Foundations
GRANT #2005-1112104
AMOUNT $250,000.00
LOCATION Washington, D.C.
DATE RANGE 11/02/2020 through 11/02/2020
To provide strategic operational support for personnel and programmatic efforts.
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Investigative Reporters and Editors
GRANT #2005-1112110
AMOUNT $50,000.00
LOCATION Columbia, Mo.
DATE RANGE 10/01/2020 through 10/01/2020
To support training on higher learning topics at national conferences for in-depth, investigative, and data journalists.
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The Poynter Institute for Media Studies
GRANT #2005-1112111
AMOUNT $90,000.00
LOCATION St. Petersburg, Fla.
DATE RANGE 09/15/2020 through 09/15/2020
To support topical and racial equity training for journalists.
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Decolonizing Wealth Project
GRANT #2007-1112216
AMOUNT $50,000.00
DATE RANGE 09/01/2020 through 09/01/2020
To provide operational support to the Decolonizing Wealth Project.
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State Council of Higher Education for Virginia
GRANT #2002-1111623
AMOUNT $725,000.00
LOCATION Richmond, Va.
DATE RANGE 08/31/2020 through 08/31/2020
To support aligned efforts across postsecondary institutions and the State Council for Higher Education in Virginia, advancing equitable postsecondary outcomes.
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Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA)
GRANT #2003-1111679
AMOUNT $30,000.00
DATE RANGE 08/14/2020 through 08/14/2020
To hold a meeting of state system heads and accrediting organizations staff to discuss consolidation and business model shifts.
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Central Indiana Community Foundation
GRANT #2007-1112256
AMOUNT $500,000.00
LOCATION Indianapolis, Ind.
DATE RANGE 07/20/2020 through 07/20/2020
To support the creation of the Central Indiana Equity Fund
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