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An urgent social and economic challenge

For the United States to stay competitive, economists and labor-market experts say millions more people will require education beyond high school – education that prepares them for informed citizenship and success in a global economy.

Attracting new ideas and new capital to an urgent social challenge

The urgency of this looming talent deficit calls for innovation in how we take on pressing social and economic challenges. LIV expands the foundation’s efforts beyond grant investments to engage public, private, and non-profit sectors in ways that generate ideas, build knowledge, and attract new capital to create new learning opportunities for all.

Empowering social entrepreneurs to create solutions that can scale and spread

LIV elevates innovative ideas that advance Lumina’s mission while fostering a collaborative ecosystem. Drawing from Lumina’s extensive networks, we make smart introductions and connect portfolio companies with trusted advisors and other non-financial resources they could not find elsewhere.

An evolving foundation strategy

By leading the way on investing in promising, scalable solutions, LIV expands Lumina Foundation’s financial tools beyond traditional grant investments. With a focus on social and learning returns, along with expected financial returns, LIV draws from Lumina’s extensive networks to foster a collaborative impact investing ecosystem by initiating cross-sector discussions, shaping new financing practices, and identifying and bringing together strategic partners.

Investing for social impact is part of a continuum of financial activities.
Lumina’s financial tools to support strategy and learning while delivering a financial return.
Meet the Team

Meet the Lumina Impact Ventures Team