Brand Guidelines

Using Lumina Foundation’s Logo

Lumina Foundation’s official logo can be used in releases, publications or on the Web, and can be found here. 

  • Grantees may use the Foundation’s logo, photos or video after they receive approval from the Foundation. These requests are evaluated on a case-by-case basis and should be sent to
  • Generally acceptable uses of the Lumina logo include: posting it on a grantee’s website, and promotional and conference materials that note project sponsorship.
  • If grantees download the Foundation’s logo, photos or video, they acknowledge the Foundation’s ownership (and its associated goodwill) and agree to maintain the quality of the materials at a level that meets or exceeds standards of quality and performance of similar materials previously offered by grantees and in compliance with applicable law.
  • The logo should not be used in grantee announcements.

Logo Lockups

The Lumina Foundation logo was built to be presented in either a horizontal or vertical format. Choice of format will be determined by the available space in which it will be placed. Care must be taken to size the logo so that the word “Foundation” remains legible.


Download Horizontal Logo


Download Vertical Logo

Alternate Formats and Styles

Clear Space

Minimum clear space is presented here as a guide to positioning the trademark so that it does not abut too closely to other elements.

The unit of measure “X” equals half the height of the “Lumina sun” (the circle including the swirls). The minimum required clear space is a distance of “X” on each side of the trademark.

Minimum Sizes

The smallest size at which the horizontal format may be used is 1 inch wide (for print) or 110 pixels wide (for digital). The smallest smallest size at which the vertical format may be used is .6 inch wide (for print) or 70 pixels wide (for digital).

In some instances such as promotional or specialty items, the logo may need to appear smaller than the minimum size indicated. In those cases, the word "Foundation" must be legible.

Speciality Use - Large-format uses of the logo - signs, banners, billboards, backdrops and the like - must be approved in advance by the brand manager. Also, the circle graphic (the “Lumina Sun”) can be used as a separate element - as a Twitter icon, for example - but ONLY with the brand manager’s approval.