BFA Strategies Five strategies to support low-income students: overview Beyond Financial Aid (BFA) includes five core strategies based on emerging research from partners and institutions across the country. The basic premise of BFA is that, to meet student needs, campus leadership must clearly, intentionally, and consistently convey a clear vision about the importance of student […]

Interpretation Guide: Strategy 2

STRATEGY 2: REVIEW INTERNAL PROCESSES AND ORGANIZE STUDENT SPONSORS Questions 1-4 These questions deal with engaging multiple stakeholders, aligning activities to institutional strategies, evaluating the impact of services, and engaging the student voice. If you answered mostly Yes, it is likely that the college is not conducting these services in isolation and is, instead, engaging multiple […]

Today’s Student

Too many Americans are failing to graduate college. Why? In part, because our assumptions about them are wrong.


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More about today’s student

More about today’s student For most of today’s low-income students, the impact of unmet financial need begins at home and ripples into the classroom. Indirect costs are estimated to make up 60 percent of the total cost of attending college, 44  and three critical cost items – food, housing, and child care – significantly threaten […]

BFA: Its Purpose and Elements

About BFA BFA: Its purpose and elements BFA presents an expanded concept of support for low-income students that extends beyond financial aid. It is based on research and promising practices from initiatives in which institutions have demonstrated the ability to effectively serve and graduate low-income students. BFA is designed to guide action to increase the […]

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