Video: Miriam Blackman

At Texas State Technical College, learning means doing

Miriam and Mark Blackman run a small machine shop in the Texarkana region of southwest Arkansas. The site is rural, but the work is increasingly high-tech – particularly since the couple’s recent purchase of a computer-controlled metalworking machine. However, by applying what she’s learned in a competency-based education program in nearby Marshall, Texas, Miriam is staying ahead of the technology.


UW-Milwaukee ‘Flex’ program helps nursing students chart career success

Linda Thayer lives – and essentially works three jobs – in the lake country of far-northern Wisconsin, in tiny town 22 miles from the nearest McDonald’s. To advance her career in health care, she knew she needed to upgrade her credentials by earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. But lack of time and her remote location complicated that quest – that is, until she discovered a program with the right kind of “Flex.”


Westminster College taps into students’ entrepreneurial ambitions

Even as a busy young mother and a partner in her husband’s business, Amy Archuleta always harbored twin dreams: to earn a college degree and start a business of her own. Today, the Salt Lake City woman is realizing both of those dreams, thanks to an innovative degree program that gives students the chance to take what they learn in the classroom and apply those lessons in the real world.