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Colorado Department of Higher Education

Grant #10279
Grant Amount$500,000
LocationDenver, CO
Date Range09/01/2017 through 09/30/2019

The goal of this effort is for Lumina and Talent, Innovation, and Equity (TIE) states, like Colorado, to partner and demonstrate that it is feasible to close attainment gaps for students of color by an unprecedented 5% over four years.

With a public commitment to redouble efforts to raise attainment by focusing on closing equity gaps, Colorado commits to:

  • Publish disaggregated indicators of progress on eliminating equity gaps and increasing postsecondary attainment, and
  • Collect all high-quality postsecondary certificates earned in a statewide, student-level information system.

Strategy Labs will support Colorado through:

  • Two-year grants of up to $500,000; 
  • Personalized consulting; 
  • Briefings and retreats for legislators, community leaders, and policymakers; and 
  • Non-partisan policy expertise and facilitation to adopt, enhance or sustain policies in Lumina Foundation’s 2017-2020 State Policy Agenda (e.g. statewide strategic finance plan, expanding alternative, lower-priced pathways). 

Lumina will use a memorandum of Understanding to outline high-level expectations and commitments, and Strategy Labs will be flexible in providing whatever support is most helpful to move toward the goal of closing gaps in Colorado.