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Community colleges dedicated to helping Black students are finding new support

Amber Garrison Duncan  | 
Lumina Foundation has committed $1 million to partner with Complete College America to support historically Black colleges as they break down barriers, increase attainment, create essential networks, and build platforms to amplify their vital role.
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States are using fast, short-term credentials to get workers back on their feet.

Amber Garrison Duncan, Kermit Kaleba  | 
In recent years, the debates about proposals to expand the federal Pell Grant program to pay for short-term workforce programs offered at community colleges have been lively. Several states have taken matters into their own hands, using federal stimulus dollars to provide aid to adult learners seek
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How colleges and states can help students caught in the pandemic ‘swirl’

Haley Glover, Amber Garrison Duncan  | 
As we discussed in our first blog post on “student swirl,” the reality that is starting to emerge is that many of today’s students’ educational journeys are changing as childcare, school openings, and jobs are still uncertain.
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Standing Up for Students Amid the Pandemic Learning ‘Swirl’

Amber Garrison Duncan, Haley Glover  | 
Higher education is in turmoil. Over the past few months, we’ve reached out to dozens of higher education leaders—presidents, policy experts, researchers, and governors, too.
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In this recovery, states are leading the way with credential pathways to good jobs

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Long before the pandemic and economic crisis hit early this year, states were working to prepare citizens for the workforce of tomorrow. Well, tomorrow is here. We are in the midst of the most devastating economic crisis we’ve ever known, layered on top of a deadly public health crisis.
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As companies change hiring policies, do college degrees still matter?

Amber Garrison Duncan  | 
At least 14 large employers (including Apple, IBM, and Google), have dropped four-year degree requirements in favor of skills-based hiring.
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What if finding your career was as easy as finding lunch?

Amber Garrison Duncan  | 
In Indianapolis, where Lumina Foundation is based, the historic City Market houses all kinds of places to grab a bite. From burgers to crepes to falafel, you can find it here.
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Conference to share CBE experiences, focus on best practices

Amber Garrison Duncan  | 
Join the growing network of higher education leaders and innovators at this year's CBExchange conference on competency-based education, Sept. 20-22 in Phoenix.