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Debra Humphreys, Ph.D.

Debra Humphreys, Ph.D. brings to Lumina a wealth of experience in higher education, communications, stakeholder engagement, and public policy. Debra leads the Foundation's stakeholder engagement and strategic communications work while also providing direction for Lumina's thought leadership efforts as well as the substantive work on postsecondary education quality.Debra Humphreys received her BA from...Read bio »

The UMBC hype was great, but now we need to focus on broader issues of quality and equity in higher education

March 30, 2018

The stunning NCAA upset by University of Maryland, Baltimore County should boost admissions—and create a new cool factor—for a school that already deserves attention for its laudable focus on student success.

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Next-Generation Quality Assurance for Tomorrow’s Talent

Sep 19, 2017

How do we know people are graduating with the skills to get good jobs? As education beyond high school evolves, a new Lumina-supported group is working to define the Essential Employability Qualities necessary to succeed in today's job market.

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