Dewayne Matthews

Dewayne Matthews served as Lumina's vice president of strategy development until 2016. Matthews has served in a variety of higher education leadership roles, including senior adviser to the president and vice president of the Education Commission of the States (ECS), director of programs and services for the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE), and executive director of the New Mexico Commission on Higher Education.

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States should exert their power to grant college degrees—especially for these three student groups

Scott Jenkins, Dewayne Matthews  | 
To jump-start their economies in the wake of COVID-19, states will need to do more than just reopen bars and hair salons. They must help millions of people gain the skills they need to work in a dramatically changed employment market. Most of those post-pandemic jobs in the U.S. will require educati
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In Gig Economy, It Takes More Than Grit to Get Ahead

Dewayne Matthews  | 
For several years, I’ve been telling a story about how it used to be that someone could start working for a power company as a meter reader and eventually work their way up to CEO. Being a meter reader is a lousy job—out in the weather with dogs biting your ankles—but if you stuck it out, you
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The new postsecondary movement

Dewayne Matthews  | 
Lumina Fellow Dewayne Matthews compares the national movement to make education beyond high school the norm to an earlier movement that–by the 1940s–made high school completion an expectation for all Americans.
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Success is not a zero-sum game

Dewayne Matthews  | 
Success is not in limited supply nor is it available only to those who attend elite institutions. Lumina Fellow Dewayne Matthews comments on the latest evidence showing that the most selective universities are failing to enroll thousands of highly qualified low-income students.
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Does higher education really increase economic mobility?

Dewayne Matthews  | 
Lumina Fellow Dewayne Matthews points to a study that provides fresh evidence that higher education is, in fact, an engine of upward mobility. The study suggests that if more institutions improve their “Mobility Index” as certain exemplary mid-tier institu
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Universal post-high school education

Dewayne Matthews  | 
Lumina Vice President Dewayne Matthews discusses how America should adopt universal postsecondary education to assure opportunity for millions left out or left behind in today’s economy.