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Jesse O’Connell

Jesse O’Connell is the strategy director for federal policy at Lumina Foundation, based out of their Washington, D.C. office. He leads the development and advancement of the foundation’s federal policy priorities, with the goal of increasing the attainment of high-quality credentials and promoting affordable pathways through postsecondary education.Prior to joining...Read bio »

College accreditation rule leaves work yet to do

Nov 07, 2019

The federal government’s long-awaited final new regulations for accrediting postsecondary institutions are out — and the results are mixed. We see some encouraging steps forward, but also some troubling oversights. In short, there is still plenty of work to do.

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When Discussing Student Loan Forgiveness, Start with Racial Justice

July 02, 2019

Pay attention to electoral politics long enough and you’re sure to hear the pundit’s admonition that a successful candidate campaigns in poetry and governs in prose.

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This spring, put students first

March 20, 2019

Federal policy must first look beyond efforts that merely increase college enrollment. We must do that — but while also increasing student success and never compromising on quality.

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The lie at the heart of the college admissions scandal

March 14, 2019

By now you, along with the rest of America, have heard about the college admissions scandal setting higher education ablaze.

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The case for college data transparency

Sep 25, 2018

If you were making one of the most important and expensive decisions of your life, how much of the necessary information would you want to have? About 100 percent? 75 percent? Would you settle for 50 percent?

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Don’t forget Damaris

Nov 30, 2017

Nearly two years ago we told you about Damaris Ortiz, who was born in Mexico and immigrated to California in her teens. Now pursuing a bachelor’s degree, her path remains difficult. She and many students like her have obligations that go beyond the classroom, which is why we need to emphasize policies that better meet students’ needs.

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