Katherine Wheatle

Strategy Officer

Katherine Wheatle, Ph.D. is a former strategy officer for federal policy and equity at Lumina Foundation.

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Equity first: Trailblazing Prairie View president turns Black pain into social change

Katherine Wheatle  | 
When Lumina Foundation decided to put $15 million toward fighting systemic racism in response to the killing of George Floyd, we imagined funding the efforts of leaders like Dr. Ruth Simmons and institutions like Prairie View A&M University in Texas.
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When it comes to student borrowers of color, policymakers should explore the shades of gray

Wayne Taliaferro, Katherine Wheatle  | 
The last recession consumed the modest wealth of Black and Hispanic communities, further deepening racial wealth divides and burdening college students from these communities with higher loan debt. Today, the United States is experiencing another severe economic downturn, with record-high unemployme
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Honor the treaties: Deliver on promises to educate Native Americans

Katherine Wheatle  | 
In an interview with Amanda R. Tachine, assistant professor of higher education at Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, Arizona State University, and Jameson David “J.D.” Lopez, assistant professor of educational policy studies and practice at the College of Education, University of Arizona, I disc
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NAACP Image Awards show that students can be powerfully authentic messengers

Katherine Wheatle  | 
Student voices can be a powerful force in shaping policies and influencing views on higher education. I know this firsthand because I got my start as an educational equity advocate years ago while a collegiate member of the NAACP.
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Fifty years after protests, civil rights advocates are needed more than ever

Katherine Wheatle  | 
We can’t achieve racial equity in higher education without an avid defense of civil rights. Within the past year, Lumina Foundation has focused on supporting civil rights organizations to increase their capacity to advocate for federal policies that can better serve today’s students.
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New report, old story: To succeed in college, money matters

Katherine Wheatle, Wendy Sedlak  | 
College students of limited means receive much less support from Pell Grants today than in the past and have a much lower chance of graduating within six years, a new report shows.
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Four ways to make college financial aid more fair

Katherine Wheatle  | 
The Great Recession ended 10 years ago this summer, but a decade of economic recovery has failed to lift the prospects for millions of college students staring down more than $1.5 trillion in education debt.