Todd Clear

Distinguished Professor

Todd Clear is a distinguished professor at Rutgers' School of Criminal Justice. He served as provost of Rutgers University—Newark for two years. Previously he served as interim chancellor of Rutgers–Newark and dean of the School of Criminal Justice.

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Five keys to financially responsible prison higher education programs

Todd Clear  | 
For society, investing in college in prison is a fiscal no-brainer. The benefits of college for people who are incarcerated are the same as anybody else, of course: productive work, contributions to the economy, and contributions to community life.
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College classes in prison can unlock an eager, committed group of potential learners.

Todd Clear  | 
As the pool of high school seniors declines nationally, prisons represent an especially promising new source of potential students. Incarcerated individuals can succeed as college students, and higher education—if provided thoughtfully and equitably—can make a huge difference in their lives and