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In a test of fairness more colleges seek SAT alternatives

Jan 21, 2020

For decades, the SAT has been one of the most widely used measures in college admissions. But between a California lawsuit to stop schools from using the test in admission decisions and new University of Chicago research, future use of the SAT as an admissions tool may well be in doubt.

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College closures are a tough — but needed — step to serving students better

Oct 28, 2019

Colleges and universities, caught in a crossfire of rising costs and increasing impatience from families and funders, face an ongoing onslaught of tough choices in the next few years.

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College classes in prisons help everybody, and now more programs are proving it

July 22, 2019

In the last 40 years, the number of people in prison or jail in the United States has increased 10 times faster than the country’s population and now stands at more than 2 million. But after years of growth, the rate of incarceration has finally fallen, and we’ll see even more progress if we get behind one of today’s most positive trends.

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More colleges need to step up their game amid the rise of Latino students

April 08, 2019

As the number of Latinos in the United States grows — it’s nearly 59 million people, or 18 percent of the population — colleges and universities are seeing increases in both their rates of enrollment and degree completion.

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The lie at the heart of the college admissions scandal

March 14, 2019

By now you, along with the rest of America, have heard about the college admissions scandal setting higher education ablaze.

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Prison education is about more than keeping offenders from returning

April 02, 2018

My colleague and friend, the Rev. Vivian Nixon, executive director of the College and Community Fellowship, said something that deeply moved me when we last spoke, "We know what happens to students who earn a postsecondary credential. Why in the world would the metrics and outcomes be any different for people who earn them while incarcerated?"

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Staying the Course to Meet Our Equity Imperative

Aug 07, 2017

Recent news that the U.S. Department of Justice might redirect resources to investigate the use of race in college admissions rightly prompted much-concerned commentary in policy and educational circles. It seems appropriate for the community to pause and reflect on the larger issues at stake in this important debate about equity and inclusion.

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Success is not a Zero-Sum Game

May 09, 2017

Success is not in limited supply nor is it available only to those who attend elite institutions. Lumina Fellow Dewayne Matthews comments on the latest evidence showing that the most selective universities are failing to enroll thousands of highly qualified low-income students.

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Lumina Foundation Releases Guidebook Outlining Campus Strategies for Supporting Low-Income Students

June 22, 2015

Beyond Financial Aid calls on colleges and universities to rethink student financial support, increase student success

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