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An updated map helps show the way along the learn-and-work highway

Jan 23, 2020

As any traveler will tell you, nothing aids progress so much as a good map. That’s a lesson more than 30 funders are learning firsthand as they explore ways to create a more seamless system of education and workforce training.

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States can foster job growth by making it easier for people to learn throughout their lives

July 26, 2019

SALT LAKE CITY — The worlds of work and learning are merging in powerful ways, driven by the exponential growth in human knowledge. This means the abilities needed in the workplace go beyond simple “job skills” that can be learned quickly through a short-term training program.

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Education innovation prize winners recall early struggles

April 16, 2019

A college provost whose innovative program for helping students succeed won the judges’ award in a Lumina Impact Ventures contest said she’s been inspired by her early teaching experience at Miami Dade College.

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Lumina Foundation hosts Demo Day to showcase workforce and education technology entrepreneurs

April 15, 2019

Lumina Foundation is hosting its first Demo Day today, featuring more than a dozen early-stage companies developing solutions to help more people receive education and training after high school.

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Pitching for change: Early-stage companies seek social impact, investors

April 15, 2019

SAN FRANCISCO — More than a dozen early-stage companies met with potential investors, pitching their products in a “Demo Day” of new ideas and services to advance educational attainment.

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"Road-tripper" says future of work is scary but promising

April 11, 2019

College students and others trying to plan their lives and careers face a range of choices but should be guided by their passion, members of a group pondering the future of work say.

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Education entrepreneurs are redrawing the learning curve

April 03, 2019

There are at least two ways to look at everything, including innovation. One way — let’s call it the radical approach — was aptly expressed by Charles F. Kettering who said this: “If you’ve always done it that way, it’s probably wrong.”

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New research: Service years are a pathway to careers and college completion

Jan 28, 2019

Veterans of service year programs such as AmeriCorps, Peace Corps, YouthBuild, Teach for America, and VISTA go on to complete bachelor’s degrees at twice the rate of their peers and find jobs in occupations with annual salaries of as much as $80,000, new research shows.

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Starting college? Think about internships now

Aug 29, 2018

The problem with most college commencement speeches is that they come too late. By the time graduates cross the stage, the experience is over. What students — even those in their first year — really need is a commencement-style dollop of wisdom while there’s still time to make big choices.

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