A Republican-led Congressional Review Act resolution threatens much more than the Biden’s administration’s student debt relief program. It threatens the debt burdens of hundreds of thousands of public service workers, according to this report from the American Federation of Teachers and the Student Borrower Protection Center.

The report details the work of AFT and the Student Borrower Protection Center to curb the effects of student debt on workers. According to its findings, the CRA resolution would:

  • Reinstate the student loan debt of more than 260,000 public service workers nationwide who had loan balances cancelled after completing 10 years of public service.
  • Drop a nearly $20 billion debt burden onto the backs of these hardworking nurses, firefighters, and service members still emerging from the pandemic and its economic consequences.
  • Roll back progress that more than 2 million public service workers have made toward the future cancellation of more than $178 billion in student loan debt via the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program.

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