This policy toolkit seeks to support states in ensuring all college-level learning is applied to college credentials. Such efforts promise to expand opportunities for academic and career advancement, meet growing demand for jobs in new sectors, and dismantle barriers to economic and social mobility.


  • State policy priorities and must-haves that detail how states can support credentialing out-of-classroom learning through improved data, statewide transfer and articulation, uniform learning recognition, transparent credential pathways and supportive policy infrastructure.
  • State policy exemplars that provide examples of innovative statewide policies that support a system to recognize all learning. Particular attention is paid to promoting equity, accountability, quality, and affordability in the design of policies.
  • Barriers and solutions that explain common barriers to adopting an ALC statewide agenda and provides examples and strategies for overcoming challenges.
  • No time to waste: Standards for Statewide Crosswalks That Ensure All Learning Counts, a report that clarifies how states can create clear and comprehensive crosswalks that show how learning from multiple providers can be combined to put people closer to a degree or credential of value.