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When Do Adults Without Degrees Benefit From Earning Certificates and Certifications?

Posted: May 8, 2019
Organization(s): Strada Education Network, Gallup, Lumina Foundation

The first in a series of a Strada and Lumina partnership to explore the experiences of adults without degrees

Education is the surest path to economic advancement in the United States today. While decades ago it was still possible to earn a middle-class income with just a high school diploma, today’s labor market demands more. However, this does not mean that a postsecondary degree is the only pathway to prosperity.

A survey of some 50,000 working adults without college degrees found respondents with a certificate or certification reported higher levels of marketability, employment, social mobility, and income. The study also shows that respondents see themselves as more attractive job candidates because of their non-degree credentials.

How Strada Education Network Is Promoting Pathways To Good Jobs | Forbes | May 20, 2019