The latest Lumina Foundation-Gallup State of Higher Education 2024 study shows concerns about college affordability are top of mind for Americans. Top themes / findings:

People don’t know how much they should pay for college

Only twenty-three percent of U.S. adults without college degrees could estimate the annual net cost of a bachelor’s degree from a public college within $5,000 of the actual cost. Half of never enrolled adults say they are at least somewhat more likely to pursue a four-year credential after learning the actual cost of a degree.

Debt is pressing pause on life

Seventy-one percent of currently and previously enrolled U.S. adults who have taken out loans report having delayed at least one significant life event because of their student loan debt, including buying a home, purchasing a car or returning to complete their degree or credential.

Cost is keeping people out of college

More than half (56%) of never‑enrolled and previously enrolled adults say cost is a “very important” reason why they have not enrolled or reenrolled in college.

Cost a key consideration for stopping out

Thirty-one percent of currently enrolled adults who have considered stopping their coursework cite cost as a reason. Cost is an especially important consideration for withdrawing among bachelor’s degree students.

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