Equity Principles and Practices for Scaling Bendable
Impact and Planning
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Equity Principles and Practices for Scaling Bendable

8-page description of a sample approach for embedding equity

Posted: Sept. 4, 2020
Organization(s): FSG

The Hub (also known as the Drucker Institute) has developed a lifelong learning system with the aim of supporting the resiliency of individuals, economies, and communities. The first version of the lifelong learning system launched in South Bend, Indiana in June 2020 – under the name “Bendable” – is stewarded by the St. Joseph County Public Library (SJCPL or the Library) and supported by the Hub. The underlying philosophy of the initiative is that providing equal access to learning opportunities for personal and job-related growth will enhance the resiliency of all who use it and will lead to equitable1 outcomes. By building users’ individual resiliency, relationships with one another, and involving employers, the lifelong learning system will contribute to economic and community resiliency in each geography in which the system is launched.