National Survey Insights: Communicating About Racial Equity
Racial Justice and Equity
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National Survey Insights: Communicating About Racial Equity

A Survey of 3,099 Americans between September 24 and October 14, 2019

Posted: Jan. 28, 2020
Organization(s): Hattaway Communications, Lumina Foundation

This report outlines insights from a national opinion and message-testing survey about opportunity and racial equity in America, conducted by Hattaway Communications and Lumina Foundation. This survey builds on in-depth research with Lumina grantees, educators, policymakers, and business leaders about racial equity in post-high school education to provide the perspective of those who are not necessarily thinking about racial equity on a daily basis. The results allow us to better understand the constituents that policymakers represent, the customers that business leaders serve, and the communities that educators work in.