Persisting Inequalities and Paths Forward
Racial Justice and Equity
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Persisting Inequalities and Paths Forward

A Report on the State of Undocumented Students in California’s Public Universities

Posted: Dec. 1, 2020
Author(s): Laura E. Enriquez, Cecilia Ayón, Karina Chavarria, Basia Ellis, Melissa J. Hagan, Julián Jefferies, Jannet Lara, Martha Morales Hernandez, Enrique Murillo Jr., Jennifer Nájera, Carly Offidani-Bertrand, Maria Oropeza Fujimoto, Annie Ro, Victoria E. Rodriguez, William Rosales, Heidy Sarabia, Ana K. Soltero López, Mercedes Valadez, Sharon Velarde Pierce, Zulema Valdez
Organization(s): UC Collaborative to Promote Immigrant and Student Equity and the Undocumented Student Equity Project

Over the past two decades, state policies and institutional practices have steadily opened the halls of higher education to undocumented youth. But how are these students faring once they arrive on campus? This report takes stock of the experiences of undocumented college students attending California’s two public university systems, offering specific steps that educational institutions can take to combat persisting inequalities and forge pathways toward equity and inclusion.