There exists a pool of talented and capable Americans with the potential for and interest in working in tech, but they face hiring challenges because they lack certain credentials or prior work experience in the field. It is increasingly evident there is a mismatch between traditional tech hiring practices and the talent pool that could fill entry-level positions.

Registered apprenticeships represent an ideal solution to this mismatch and are growing in popularity in the tech sector.

This report from the Urban Institute offers the following takeaways on what works when it comes to implementing registered apprenticeships:

  • Incentive funding is important to offset a employers’ upfront investments and secure their engagement, particularly when employers are paid after taking on apprentices.
  • The registration and implementation processes are complex, so making it easier for employers is key. Knowledgeable intermediaries can help facilitate this process.
  • Many employers seek flexibility and customization in the programs they implement to meet their specific needs.
  • Building awareness and improving the technical capabilities of intermediary staff and workforce development professionals is critical for advancing high-quality programs.
  • Registered apprenticeships can build diversity, equity, and inclusion in the tech industry.

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