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Focus Magazine, Winter 2019: Credentials that work

Today’s students use certificates, certifications to build bright futures

Posted: December 5, 2019
Authors: Bob Caylor
Organizations: Lumina Foundation

Recent research shows that non-degree credentials bring significant benefits to the people who earn them — including a greater likelihood of employment (72 percent vs. 64 percent) and a chance for earnings increases of as much as 22 percent (among those who earned credentials taking between one and two years to complete).

This issue of Focus magazine shines a spotlight on non-degree, workforce-relevant programs in three different states (Minnesota, Michigan, and Kentucky). The programs prepare adults for good careers in all types of fields, including construction, advanced manufacturing, health care, computer technology, and plastics engineering.

Read the issue online or download the PDF version below.

Focus Magazine, Winter 2019: Credentials that work