Grantee Resources

Review this page carefully. It includes information about Lumina’s grant management process.

Previous Lumina grantees should also review this page since some of our processes have changed.

  1. The grant agreement is sent to the person indicated on the proposal contact sheet as someone with legal authority to execute a grant agreement on behalf of your organization. Copies of the grant reporting forms are included in the grant packet for review, but electronic versions are available online. A copy of Lumina’s communication guidelines and contact information for our director of communications is also included in the grant packet.
  2. Lumina’s preferred method of payment is by electronic transfer of funds, but this is not a requirement. We will still issue a paper check if that is an organization’s preference. An ACH approval form is provided with each grant agreement. Previous grantees may have submitted a copy for a previous grant, but we ask that a new form is submitted with each grant. This allows us to verify that we have the correct bank account information on file.
  3. Most process questions can be answered by our grants management department, Questions pertaining specifically to the work of the grant should be directed to your strategy officer.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are your reporting requirements? What if I need more time?
    Grants require an annual narrative and financial report. Some grants may require bi-annual reports depending on the project. Deliverables may be scheduled at different stages of the work as agreed upon in the final proposal. The reporting schedule is listed in Section 6.d. of the grant agreement. If reports will be delayed contact Grants Management,
  2. How are reports formatted?
    Lumina provides copies of reporting templates with the grant agreement. Electronic copies are available on the Grantee Reporting Forms page, or templates can be requested from grants management. Although additional information may be submitted with your reports, please use the reporting template to respond to specific questions we ask. Likewise, please use Lumina’s financial reporting form. This allows us to compare budgeted amounts to actual expenditures.
  3. Do you allow extensions or budget modifications? 
    To extend a grant’s end date, or to modify the budget, a request must be submitted to, and reviewed by, your Lumina strategy officer. Submit modification requests in writing on your organization’s official letterhead along with a revised budget showing how funds will be used. Budget revisions of more than 10 percent and/or a line item change greater than $5,000 requires advance approval from your strategy officer. The revised budget form is available on the Grantee Reporting Forms page. A no-cost extension request should include a revised budget for the extension period when:

    1. the grant is being extended several months in order to use unspent grant funds,
    2. grant dollars are being moved from one line item to another because of over- or under-spending,
    3. funds will be used for a purpose other than what was submitted in the original proposal budget, or
    4. upon request from the strategy officer.

    Extension requests must be made before the expiration date of the grant (not the final reporting due date) in order to be considered.

  4. What if the scope of the work changes?
    Any contemplated changes to a program’s scope or outcomes must be discussed with your Lumina strategy officer as soon as possible. She/he will advise you regarding next steps.
  5. What do we do with any remaining funds at the conclusion of the grant?
    As stated in Sections 2.c. and 2.e. of the grant agreement, grant funds should be segregated in such a way so as to calculate interest earned on grant funds. This amount is also included in the budget reports on the earned interest line. Any earned interest is credited to the grant project and is to be used specifically for the work of the grant. At the conclusion of the grant, if funds exceed $1,000, including earned interest, they must be returned to Lumina before the grant can be officially closed. An amount of $1,000, or less, should be applied to the philanthropic work of the organization and does not need to be returned.
  6. Are there any special re-granting stipulations?
    Lumina Foundation performs a check of all potential grantees prior to awarding a grant to ensure that they do not appear on any terrorist list issued by the U.S. government. All organizations re-granting Lumina funds should make reasonable inquiries to confirm the identity of any sub-grantees, including the names of their directors and key personnel, and to confirm that they are capable of carrying out the purpose of the grant. A check of the terrorism watch lists issued by the U.S. government as designated in the provisions of Executive Order 13224 and the USA PATRIOT Act should be utilized to confirm that any sub-grantee is not publicly suspected of supporting or participating in terrorist activities. Lumina funds may not be used to make a payment to, transact business with, or otherwise benefit any person included on the list of Specially Designated Nationals maintained by the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (the “SDN List”), or any person having one or more directors or key personnel included on the SDN List.
  7. Who do I notify in the event of address and contact changes?
    In the event of staffing changes, your Lumina strategy officer should be contacted. Lumina’s grants management team should also be contacted with any contact information changes including addresses, emails, or staffing changes. Send your updates to Grants Management,