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Redefining College Affordability

Securing America’s Future with a Free Two Year College Option

Posted: April 11, 2014
Authors: Sara Goldrick-Rab, Nancy Kendall
Organizations: The Education Optimists

Speaking of the importance of attending college, Michelle Obama recently reminded high school students of the central promise of the American Dream when she declared, “You can become whatever you dream of becoming” (Get Schooled, 2013). She echoed the hopes of many parents who know that their children are much more likely to live stable and healthy lives if they have at least some education beyond high school. Going to college is important to all families, as it increases the odds of upward mobility for children born into low- and moderate-income families, and protects against falling downward mobility for middle- and upper-income families (Pew Charitable Trusts, 2012). But it is getting harder and harder for all but the wealthiest Americans to afford college, even in the public sector where the majority seek to enroll.

Redefining College Affordability