Beverly W. Hudson

As an accounting officer, Beverly is responsible for the completion of financial closing procedures. This includes overseeing accounts payable, personnel expenses, the financial reporting process and the implementation and maintenance of accounting controls. These processes are essential to Lumina in maintaining accurate financial records. She is also responsible for administering payroll, in addition to the reporting/auditing of tax payments through electronic capabilities.

Beverly's financial career spans a variety of industries including banking, insurance, pharmaceuticals, energy and most recently in the non-profit sector. Additionally, she worked as a volunteer treasurer for a non-profit organization for twenty years.

Beverly attended Purdue University and received her bachelor degree in business administration and an MBA in accounting from Indiana Wesleyan University. As the first to complete a college degree in her family, Beverly understands the importance of not only going to college but obtaining a high-quality degree. This is something that she often shares with many of the teens that she mentors/encounters, who are also the first in their families to attend college. She has also experienced the benefits of higher education both financially and in other opportunities.

Beverly is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Indiana CPA Society.