Wendy Sedlak, Ph.D.

Wendy oversees the strategic direction and implementation of Lumina's research and data portfolio. This includes, among other things, establishing and synthesizing the evidence and data necessary to advise Lumina’s strategic direction, documenting effective practices to inform Lumina and the field, and measuring progress and success against key metrics, with specific emphasis on Lumina’s Priorities for Action, opportunity populations, and national attainment.

Wendy comes to us from Equal Measure where she served as a senior director. In her role, she managed and directed projects across various portfolios of work including many large-scale complex national systems-change evaluations. Prior to that she worked on several academic and applied research projects in the social sector often geared towards understanding and addressing chronic, complex societal challenges in the areas of education, housing, and health.

Wendy earned her Ph.D. and M.A. in sociology from Temple University and B.A. in anthropology and sociology from the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

Wendy lives in downtown Indianapolis with her husband, Mike, their two daughters, Harper and Juniper, and their dog Bella Bleu.