State Policy Priorities

Increasing the percentage of adults with meaningful postsecondary credentials—Goal 2025—will pay enormous dividends to states, in terms of both economic development and a more engaged citizenry.  In order to reach the ambitious attainment targets outlined in Goal 2025, states must build student-centered, outcomes-based postsecondary education systems.  To effectively implement this new structure will require a shift in current state higher education policy, but the results are worth the effort.

Lumina’s three-point higher education policy agenda reflects the shifts in state policy needed to reach Goal 2025. Included under each point are specific evidence-based policies. These policies provide clear, detailed steps to increase higher education attainment, while also maintaining the flexibility to respond to unique conditions and the needs of each state. They are designed as a guidepost, not a checklist, for states looking to identify and implement the policies best suited to drive their higher education reform needs.