Current State Attainment Rate
State Attainment Rate Goal*
*66 percent of the state workforce population will have a postsecondary degree, certificate, or training beyond high school by the year 2030. Goal set by joint policy resolution of the Office of the Secretary of Higher Education, Dept. of Labor and Workforce Development, and the Governor's Higher Education Council in 2017.
State Policy Recommendations
Set a Goal
Technical Assistance
Lumina provides technical assistance funds and consulting support to state leaders and organizations working to increase post-high school education levels in their states.
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Set a Goal
Set a Goal
Set an ambitious goal
Statewide goals help state leaders, college and university officials, employers, and community representatives establish a shared agenda. A strong goal meets these criteria:
Quantifiable. Includes a number or percentage increase that can be quantitatively measured over time
Challenging. Represents a stretch. For example, it cannot be easily achieved by following historic trends
Time-specific. Tied to a long-term target date to demonstrate commitment and drive expectations
Addresses gaps. Designed to close attainment gaps for underrepresented populations, particularly students who are Black, Hispanic, or Native American; people from low-income families, and adults who have not yet earned credentials.
Codified. Formalized in a way that influences the state's postsecondary strategic plan, budgeting practices and/or state policy initiatives
Other State Progress
Lumina's state policy agenda reflects the shifts in state policy needed to reach the nation's 60% attainment goal. These policies provide clear steps to drive their education reform needs.
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A Stronger Nation
51% attainment rate in New Mexico

New Mexico's overall rate of educational attainment has increased by 17.1 percentage points since 2009.

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