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Each Tuesday we will be sharing new content about our nation’s need for talent and what can be done to meet it. Through op-eds, blog posts, social media content, and media interviews, we’ll tackle everything from the business case for talent, to the untapped talent of America’s veterans, to questions of equity, to the role cities play in creating talent hubs, and more. We’ll also highlight key allies – like you – doing the heavy lifting to place talent on the national agenda.


Zombies, college, and today’s student | Aug. 2, 2016

38% of today’s undergraduate students are older than 25, and more than a quarter of them are raising kids

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States as Talent Leaders

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Tapping the Talent of Today’s Student

The Talent Equity Imperative

Unleashing the Talent of Veterans

Attracting and Leveraging the Talent of Millennials

Why America Needs Talent

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More about the importance of talent

The U.S.’ shift to a knowledge-based economy has produced greater-than-ever demand for workers with education beyond high school, with nearly two-thirds of U.S. jobs projected to require postsecondary education by 2020. A recent Manpower study indicated that, already, 40 percent of US employers are having difficulty filling jobs, with more than 2 million positions open due to talent mismatch.
Businesses are clearly the beneficiaries of high-quality education, but they are also the nation’s largest investor in postsecondary education and training, spending 63 percent of all postsecondary expenditures annually—hundreds of billions of dollars. Further, employers support about 1 million currently enrolled students.
Lumina’s goal in our employer mobilization work is to identify the leading practices for employer investment in talent, understand and influence how employers spend their education and training dollars for attainment, and make a strong business case for those investments. 

Win/Win: Making the Business Case for Employer Talent Investment
Win/Win: Making the Business Case for Employer Talent Investment
April 27, 2016

April 25, 2016 webcast brought together employers with governmental, policy and academic leaders to discuss how employers are working to elevate the skills and education of incumbent workers.

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