Because Lumina Foundation is a tax-exempt private foundation formed for public purposes, we believe we have an obligation to operate in a transparent manner and explain clearly how we further our charitable and educational mission. Each year, private foundations file an IRS tax form called Form 990-PF which contains significant detail and narrative information about finances, grant making programs, operations, and compliance with applicable tax requirements. Lumina is posting its most recent Form 990-PF in an effort to increase transparency about our work.

Review Lumina’s Tax and Financial Statements






Foundation history

Lumina Foundation is a conversion foundation created in mid-2000 as USA Group, Inc., the nation’s largest private guarantor and administrator of education loans, sold most of its operating assets to Sallie Mae. Proceeds from the sale established the USA Group Foundation with an endowment of $770M. The Foundation was renamed Lumina Foundation for Education in February, 2001. For more information about the early history of Lumina Foundation, see From the Ground Up 2.9M | 115 pages

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