Speech | Jamie Merisotis

Making Dramatic Gains in Educational Attainment Is Everyone’s Business in El Paso

Lumina President Jamie Merisotis encouraged business and civic leaders to take a more active role in El Paso’s attainment goals. He explained that collective success in Texas will require partnership between business, higher education and the policy community. More »

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Speech | Jamie Merisotis

Merisotis at Clinton School of Public Service: Goal 2025 is everybody's job

As postsecondary education simultaneously becomes less affordable and more necessary than ever before, our higher education system urgently needs a new approach. As part of the Clinton School Speaker Series, Lumina President Jamie Merisotis makes the case for increased national participation in Goal 2025. More »

Speech | Jamie Merisotis

People and Place Matter: Lessons Learned about Increasing College Attainment

Mayors and civic leaders gathered in Memphis to examine how best to champion college success in their cities. Lumina President Jamie Merisotis emphasized the importance of place-based, metro-area efforts to bring a wider array of citizens into the education pipeline to ensure progress and prosperity for America. More »

Speech | Jamie Merisotis

Using the Degree Profile to Enhance Higher Education Quality

Lumina President Jamie Merisotis speaks to the annual conference of the Hawaii Association of Independent Colleges and Universities in Honolulu, via video remote, about the critical role of independent colleges in advancing the dialogue about learning outcomes. More »

Speech | Jamie Merisotis

Independent colleges use Degree Profile to help define quality in higher education

Lumina President Jamie Merisotis spoke to the Council of Independent Colleges and told them that independent colleges are an integral part of the Degree Qualifications Profile project. More »

Defining quality in higher education with the DQP

Jamie Merisotis talks about the importance of quality in American higher education, and how the Degree Qualifications Profile can help institutions define it. More »

Speech | Jamie Merisotis

Rethinking Accreditation for the 21st Century: The Learning/Quality Imperative

In today’s world of intense global competition, where employers are demanding higher-skilled workers … where students and families are seeking more clarity and assurance about academic programs, “the actual outcomes of higher education are what matter” said Lumina President Jamie Merisotis to the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. He encouraged an embrace of the quality movement in higher education and asked SACS members to advocate for higher education, champion increased productivity, and help shape the Degree Qualifications Profile to help restore public trust in higher education and move the needle on Goal 2025. More »

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