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Report | Adult Degree Completion

Is College Worth It For Me? How Adults Without Degrees Think About Going (Back) to School

A new report from Public Agenda examines the expectations, attitudes and needs of adults who think about earning postsecondary credentials after years of being away from the classroom. The report suggests that many of these prospective college students need better information and resources to make more informed decisions when choosing a college or program. More » More »


Crossing the Finish Line: Overcoming Barriers to Community College Degree and Credential Attainment in Kentucky

A report from the Kentucky Center for Economic Policy calls for additional state investments in student support strategies and developmental education to help disadvantaged adults and others obtain the degrees and credentials that Kentucky needs for its future economic success. The report highlights community colleges and their role in Kentucky’s degree-attainment goals. More »

Effective practices

Strategies for Success: Promising Ideas in Adult College Completion

Helping adults with some college credits complete their degree or certificate is essential to state and national goals to boost education attainment. This report, from the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education, highlights several promising ideas and innovative practices designed to improve adult college completion. More »

Publication | Lumina supported

Going the Distance in Adult College Completion: Lessons from the Non-traditional No More Project

A new publication from the Adult College Completion Network details promising practices at the state and institutional level aimed at bringing adults with some college but no degree back to complete their degrees. More »


Stopped Short: 2.1 Million Adults in Florida Went to College But Didn’t Finish

More than 2 million Florida residents have completed some college without earning a degree – a figure that represents an untapped pool of talent needed to compete in the new economy, says this policy brief from the Florida College Access Network. The report provides information on initiatives and re-entry options to support former adult students and help them return to college and earn a degree. More »

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Employer Views on the Value of PLA

The idea that college-level skills and knowledge can be acquired on the job or through life experience is resonating with more employers, according to this research brief from the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning. Study findings highlight conversations with 19 U.S. employers on prior learning assessments and how incorporating PLA into employer tuition-assistance programs may save time and money for workers who pursue additional education, training, and credentials. More »


Open Educational Resources

Open education resources (OER) and other Web-based courseware have the potential to expand higher education access for non-traditional learners, make college more affordable, and help students complete their degrees, concludes this report from the Center for American Progress. More »

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