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Improving Developmental Education Assessment and Placement

Community colleges need a more comprehensive approach to effectively evaluate and place new students in developmental or college-level courses, says this report from the Community College Research Center. The study examines assessment and placement practices at community colleges in Georgia, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oregon, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin. More »


Closing the Expectations Gap

This report, from Achieve, shows the progress of states in aligning college- and career-ready standards in English and mathematics with policies that clearly delineate to high school students what it means to be academically prepared for college and careers. More »


Where to Begin? The Evolving Role of Placement Exams for Students Starting College

This report, from Jobs for the Future, examines the use of placement exams as a way to determine whether incoming students are college ready. The report suggests that students who are placed in remedial courses as a result of the exam may ultimately be deterred from completing a degree or credential. More »


Assuring Academic Quality in the 21st Century: Self-Regulation in a New Era

Providing access to higher education should be accompanied by educational programs that deliver real value to students, says this report from the American Council on Education. The report provides six recommendations that it believes higher education leaders need to strengthen and improve the quality and public accountability of the institutional accreditation process. Report site. More »


Improving Measurement of Productivity in Higher Education

Current models for defining and tracking the performance of colleges and universities are ineffective, says this study by the National Research Council. This report offers a new set of recommendations and metrics that incorporate both credit hours completed and degrees awarded compared to labor costs and other institutional expenses. More »


Committing to Quality

Increasing U.S. degree-attainment rates must be matched by the quality of degrees awarded by colleges and universities, says a report from the New Leadership Alliance for Student Learning and Accountability. This publication offers four guidelines to help postsecondary institutions ensure that persistence and learning are linked for improved student outcomes. More »


State High School Tests: Changes in State Policies and the Impact of the College and Career Readiness Movement

Fewer students are required to pass exit exams to graduate from high school today, but more states are administering college and career readiness exams and adopting new assessments based on the Common Core State Standards, according to this annual report from the Center on Education Policy. This publication provides state profiles of trends in high school testing, exit exams, college entrance exam policies, and college- and career-readiness assessments. More »

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