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The Progress of Education Reform – Defining College Readiness

This report, from the Education Commission of the States, discusses how states define “college readiness” and the potential benefits and drawbacks of each approach. More »


Common Core State Standards Math: The Relationship Between High Standards, Systemic Implementation and Student Achievement

This research from Michigan State University indicates that the Common Core State Standards for mathematics, if properly implemented, can potentially improve student achievement and close achievement gaps. More »


Teaching Adolescents to Become Learners: The Role of Noncognitive Factors in Shaping School Performance

Teaching Adolescents To Become Learners summarizes the research on five categories of noncognitive factors that are related to academic performance: academic behaviors, academic perseverance, academic mindsets, learning strategies and social skills, and proposes a framework for thinking about how these More »


Taking Action for America

Approximately 13 million Americans remain unemployed, while more than 3 million available jobs cannot be filled by previously displaced workers because of gaps in skills and training. This publication, from the Business Roundtable, provides a specific set of recommendations designed to advance education and workforce policies that restore U.S. economic growth and equip workers with the skills needed for future workplace demands. More »

College readiness

Preparing for Change

This report, from Education First and Editorial Projects in Education, describes states’ plans for changes in teacher professional development, curriculum, and teacher-evaluation systems. More »

College readiness

Year Two of Implementing the Common Core State Standards: States’ Progress and Challenges

The Common Core State Standards establish common expectations of what students need to know for success in college and careers, but most states will not have their standards in place until 2014 or later because of financial challenges, concludes this report from the Center on Education Policy. More »


State High School Tests: Changes in State Policies and the Impact of the College and Career Readiness Movement

Fewer students are required to pass exit exams to graduate from high school today, but more states are administering college and career readiness exams and adopting new assessments based on the Common Core State Standards, according to this annual report from the Center on Education Policy. This publication provides state profiles of trends in high school testing, exit exams, college entrance exam policies, and college- and career-readiness assessments. More »

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