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Difficult Dialogues, Rewarding Solutions

This monograph represents a slice of what we heard during conversations held with higher education stakeholders in the 12 states of the Midwestern Higher Education Compact (MHEC) as part of our “Difficult Dialogues” initiative. With the support of Lumina Foundation for Education, nearly 350 individuals participated in a series of “diffi cult dialogues” addressing one of the most critical challenges facing our nation—the need to produce millions of additional college graduates in order to meet workforce needs and remain economically competitive in the midst of one of the most challenging fiscal environments our nation has ever seen. More »

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Lumina Foundation/Gallup Poll 2011

Will increasing postsecondary-success rates lead to a brighter future for individuals and society? Yes, according to the findings of this Gallup poll. The survey, conducted in May 2011, shows Americans overwhelmingly believe college degrees are essential to jump-starting job growth and addressing the nation’s financial uncertainty. More »


Benchmarks: WICHE Region 2011

This report, from the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education, shows western states progress in improving college access, degree attainment and affordability. More »


Crossing the Finish Line: A National Effort to Address Near Completion

Policies and practices that focus on assessment and formal recognition of degree completion can go a long way in helping students who left college without a degree but are eligible for or just shy of one, according to this policy brief from the Institute for Higher Education Policy. This brief provides recommendations for institutions, policymakers, researchers, and employers to re-engage and graduate this student population. More »


Projections of Education Statistics to 2020

In the next decade, more Americans are expected to attain a college degree, according to this report from the National Center for Education Statistics. The report predicts 26 percent more associate’s degrees and 21 percent more bachelor’s degrees will be produced in the United States. Other predictions: Between 2009 and 2020, college enrollment will increase 1 percent for White students and 46 percent for Hispanics. More »


Developing 20/20 Vision on the 2020 Degree Attainment Goal

The United States cannot raise America’s college-completion rates until income-based inequalities that cause degree-attainment gaps between the rich and poor are eliminated, contends this policy brief from the Pell Institute for the Study of Opportunity in Higher Education.
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Student Success

Front and Center: Critical Choices for Higher Education

Making online instruction more available and promoting and rewarding institutional changes that increase the number of students who complete a degree or certificate are two suggestions offered to improve college completion in this report from the Miller Center and the Association of Governing Boards.
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