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The Urgency of Now

A high school diploma is a critical entry point to the additional post­secondary training necessary to thrive socially and economically, says this report from the Schott Foundation. The report says 52 percent of Black males and 58 percent of Latino males graduate from high school in four years compared to 78 percent of White, non-Latino males. More »


Hispanic Student Enrollments Reach New Heights in 2011

This report from the Pew Hispanic Center shows more Latino students are enrolling in college, with 16.5 percent of college students now Latino. Five years ago, Latinos represented 11 percent of the college population. More »


Advancing to Completion: Increasing degree attainment by improving graduation rates and closing gaps for Hispanic students

This study updates previous Education Trust briefs that looked at public, four-year colleges that successfully improved minority graduation rates and narrowed graduation-rate gaps. This new report examines which four-year, nonprofit colleges — public and private — have made the most improvements for Hispanic students. More »

50-state data

Urgency of Now

A Schott Foundation report suggests that without a policy framework that creates opportunity for all students, strengthens supports for the teaching profession and strikes the right balance between support-based reforms and standards-driven reforms, the U.S. will become increasingly unequal and less competitive in the global economy. More »
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Effective practices

Men of Color: Ensuring Academic Success of Latino Males in Higher Education

This report from the Institute for Higher Education Policy highlights programs and practices that are raising degree attainment for Latino males. The brief also includes a detailed “blueprint” to help communities and institutions develop new programs, or augment existing ones, to get Latino males to and through college and into the workforce. More »


Hispanic College Enrollment Spikes, Narrowing Gaps with Other Groups

Hispanic college enrollment grew by 24 percent in one year—outpacing the rate for African-Americans and Asian-Americans, reports this Pew Hispanic Center analysis. From 2009 to 2010, the number of 18- to 24-year-old Hispanics enrolled in college grew by 349,000, compared with an increase of 88,000 African-Americans and 43,000 Asian-Americans and a decrease of 320,000 Whites. More »


Latino College Completion: State Series

In California, first-time, full-time White college students complete college degrees at a rate of 47.4 percent; the same group of Latino students attains credentials at a rate of 34.8 percent, says this profile by Excelencia in Education. The report is part of a 50-state project on the role of Latino students in reaching President Obama’s 2020 degree attainment goal. More »

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