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Advancing the Success of Boys and Men of Color in Education

This report, from seven higher education research centers, offers a series of educational policies and practices that it says should be implemented to improve outcomes for boys and men of color at every junction of their education. One of the report’s recommendations to reduce the number of minority men from dropping out of college includes requiring institutions to create early-alert systems that flag students with low test scores, missed assignments, or poor attendance. More »


Essential Elements of State Policy for College Completion: Outcomes-Based Funding

Outcomes-based funding, which awards state dollars to public colleges based in part on student completion rather than enrollment only, is a growing strategy among states to increase college-attainment rates. This report, from the Southern Regional Education Board, examines various state outcome-based efforts and offers essential elements it says are necessary for effective statewide outcomes-based funding policies. More »


Performance-Based Funding of Higher Education

This issue brief from the Center for American Progress highlights best practices in performance-based funding in six states: Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Tennessee, Washington and Louisiana. The report summarizes the history of performance-based funding, reviews current state policies on performance-based funding, and offers recommendations for improvement. More »


Update on the Federal Maintenance of Effort Provision: Reinforcing the State Role in Public Higher Education Financing

This brief from the American Association of State Colleges and Universities looks at recent trends concerning federal maintenance of effort (MOE) provisions and their impact on state support for higher education. The report concludes that MOE provisions can be an effective incentive for getting states to strengthen their financial commitment to higher education and help keep tuition costs down. More »


Aid and Innovation

Financial aid is an effective and necessary policy lever to promote college-completion pathways, says this report from Jobs for the Future. The report examines how state policy leaders and financial aid experts are overcoming financial aid rules and regulations with innovative solutions that help more students, especially low-income student, progress toward a postsecondary credential. More »


Tracking Momentum

High-quality, lower-cost academic delivery models are essential to addressing national college attainment goals and equipping more Americans with the postsecondary training necessary to fill future jobs. The summer edition of Tracking Momentum, from HCM Strategists, reports on the progress of states and systems in meeting this goal. More »


Reclaiming the American Dream

This publication, from the American Association of Community Colleges, outlines a policy agenda to improve student success and institutional accountability of community colleges. Among the report’s recommendations: Incorporating incentives for student performance and progress into student financial aid programs at the federal, state, and local levels and implementing the Degree Qualifications Profile to ensure credentials earned represent real knowledge and skills. More »

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